Mobilization of medical workers to the fields 2015 © UGF

Tashkent Medical Workers Forced to Pick Cotton

Since September 15, workers at the Polyclinic № 28 in the Yashnabad district of Tashkent, have been forced to pick cotton. Those who cannot or do not want to pick cotton are being forced to buy themselves free. The amount of money extorted from doctors varies depending on their wage, and is calculated according to the length of their  service, duties, specialization, etc.

The minimum amount of money that physicians are required to pay for being exempted from the cotton harvest is 300,000 Som ($ 50). The amount of money collected from nurses amounts to 200,000 Som ($ 32). There are 17 doctors working in the clinic and almost one doctor for every 3 nurses.

Interview with a nurse working at the policlinic.