Victim of the 2017 cotton harvest

A 60-year old resident of the village of Sharkobod in the Sokh…
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Uzbekistan: "Fearless" Human Rights Activists Continue to Monitor Cotton Harvest

  On October 22, 2016, the journalist and human rights…
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“People who do not fulfill the cotton quota are imprisoned in kennels at the local police office”

“The Khokim of the Chinaz district Makhmud Eshonov, the head…
Cotton picking is hard work: Pickers have to bend down the whole day and work outside in the heat. © UGF 2015
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Woman suffered a miscarriage during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan

Forced to pick cotton, 28-year-old Dilarom Juraev, living in…
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Pregnant women suffered a miscarriage on the cotton fields

This piece of information was sent to us by one of the cotton…