Farmers Verbally Abused by Head of Andijan District

Radio Ozodlik published an audio recording of a meeting on January…
Citizens of Andijan. Source: Ozodlik
Journalist Bettina Zenling of the German magazine “Stern”. The photo was taken in the Bukinsky district of the Tashkent region on October 4, 2017.
Source: Courtesy Photo

Police Officers Release German “Stern” Journalist Detained near Tashkent (updated)

Elena Urlayeva, head of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan…

An elderly man decided to pick cotton instead of his wife and died right in the field

The 58-year-old Andizhan resident Muzaffar Umrzakov, who went…
Cotton harvest in Karakalpakstan © UGF 2016

A large number of Uzbek students are called back from cotton fields

On September 21, the Uzbek Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov instructed…
Medical Staff on the cotton fields in Dustabad © UGF 2016

The Uzbek government has demanded to urgently call back students, teachers and doctors from the cotton fields

On September 22, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov…
Cotton harvest 2015 © UGF

In Andijan those who send students, teachers and doctors to work in the fields will be prosecuted

Shahratbek Abdurakhmanov, the khokim of Andijan region, at a…
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Medical Workers Mobilised for Harvest Complain for Poor Conditions in Cotton Fields

400 employees of the Kashkadarya branch of the Republican Scientific…