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Entrepreneurs from Asaka are forced to pay a “cotton tax”

This message was sent to Ozodlik by one of its readers from the…
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"Why should I leave my kid and pick cotton?"

“I was born in 1994 in Andijan. I have a child. I was accepted…
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Uzbeks migrants returning back home to change their passports fall into the “cotton trap”

One of the followers of Ozodlik sent a message about the ways…

Alimony payers are punished with cotton harvest mobilization

One of the readers messaged Ozodlik to tell about the ways of…
Cotton pickers in the Namangan region © UGF 2016
Cotton picking is hard work: Pickers have to bend down the whole day and work outside in the heat. © UGF 2015
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Woman suffered a miscarriage during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan

Forced to pick cotton, 28-year-old Dilarom Juraev, living in…
Busses driving to the cotton fields 2015 © UGF

Forced Deployment of Bus Drivers to the Cotton Fields Overloading Bus Capacity in Tashkent

Since the beginning of the cotton harvest in Tashkent, the number…
Uzbekistan's acting president Mirziyoev (Artist: Adolat,
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New President, Old Habits

Uzbekistan's acting President Shavkat Mirziyoev has ordered the…
Cotton picker with a leaflet informing her about her rights 2016 © UGF
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Teachers and doctors in Buka are harvesting cotton

Elena Urlaeva went to the Buka district in the Tashkent region…
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“If you don't pick cotton, you will be expelled from the university”

A disabled student from Tashkent is being forced to pick cotton.…