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ILO: Forced labor in Uzbekistan is not happening because we do not want to believe it

The International Labor Organization (ILO) recently published…
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"Bring 5 kg of cotton to school"

"Bring 5 kg of cotton to school" A secondary school teacher…
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School Pupils from Qashqadaryo Region Forced to Pick Cotton

According to several independent sources of Ozodlik in the Nishon…
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BriefPaxta: “It Gets Worse and Worse”

One of Ozodlik’s followers informed them that school pupils…
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BriefPaxta: “Pick Cotton Before Having Your Dog Put Down”

One of Ozodlik’s followers from Andijan claims that veterinarians…
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BriefPaxta: “We Cannot Get Dental Care while Dentists are Picking Cotton”

A follower of Ozodlik from the Navoi region claims that there…
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BriefPaxta: Good Grades for Cotton Pickers

One of Ozodlik’s followers from Bukhara has complained about…

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PRESS RELEASE: ILO Report Confirms Forced Labor

Download the Press Release
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PRELIMINARY REPORT 2016: Forced Labor in Uzbekistan's Cotton Sector

Download the Preliminary Report