Uzbek Human Rights Activist Elena Urlaeva
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Human rights activist Elena Urlaeva arrested in Buka city

The "Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan" - an informal association…
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Teacher Beaten by Khokim in Kashkadarya for Awareness-Raising Activities

On the morning of October 19, Asror Juraev, Khokim of the Nishan…
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“People who do not fulfill the cotton quota are imprisoned in kennels at the local police office”

“The Khokim of the Chinaz district Makhmud Eshonov, the head…
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Uzbeks migrants returning back home to change their passports fall into the “cotton trap”

One of the followers of Ozodlik sent a message about the ways…

Alimony payers are punished with cotton harvest mobilization

One of the readers messaged Ozodlik to tell about the ways of…
Cotton pickers in the Namangan region © UGF 2016
Sign with a slogan (Cotton is mine, yours, ours) © UGF
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“You dont have the right to refuse orders of the acting president!”

“You dont have the right to refuse orders of the acting president!”,…
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"Departure was supervised by Khokimiyat’s officials, the Syrdarya prosecution office and police"

There are almost 4 000 students and more than 350 teachers working…
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Message from a student of the Jizzakh Pedagogical University

"I have not gone to pick cotton last year, neither did I pay…