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Largest Wholesale Market in Andijan Closed due to Recruitment of Traders to Cotton Harvest

On October 8, thousands of employees of state organizations from…
57-year-old khokim of the Ulugnor district of the Andijan region of Uzbekistan, Asilbek Yusupov, who died on October 6. Source: TV screen shot

Uzbek Official Insulted at Cotton Meeting Dies from Cerebral Haemorrhage after Suffering Humiliation

A 57-year-old khokim of the Ulugnor district of the Andijan region…
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Teachers in Andijan Ordered to Hire Workers to Pick Cotton

  September 20, 2017 A report received by the editorial…
Woman carrying cotton

The hokim of Andizhan reneged on his promise and “state employees” were again sent to collect cotton

The hokim of the Andijan region, Shukhratbek Abdurakhmanov, who…
Mobilization to the cotton fields in Andijan © UGF 2016
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College Students Still Looking for Cotton

All third-year college students from the Buz district of the…
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In Andijan drivers are forced to pick cotton and give cotton pickers a ride for free

Radio "Ozodlik" interviewed a driver of Andijan, who said that…
Photos from Andijan
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Andijan: Almost Everyone Mobilized to Pick Cotton

Nazira is a doctor. She is a gynecologist at the Screening Center…
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