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BriefPaxta: Good Grades for Cotton Pickers

One of Ozodlik’s followers from Bukhara has complained about…
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"You have to teach 8 different subjects while other teachers were away picking cotton"

This story is about a woman working as a college teacher.…
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Andijan: Almost Everyone Mobilized to Pick Cotton

Nazira is a doctor. She is a gynecologist at the Screening Center…
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First-Year College Students Forcibly Mobilized to Harvest Cotton

First-year college students in the Ferghana region are being…
Doctor from the Central Hospital in Dustabad on the cotton field © UGF 2016
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Health Professionals from Angren Forced to Harvest Cotton in Buka district

On September 23, 2016 the activists Malokhat Eshonkulova and…
Cotton pickers in the Namangan region © UGF 2016
Work on the cotton fields 2015 (Source: UGF monitors)
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"Most of the summer we spent in the fields rather than at work"

Interview with the Doctor,. 18 September 2016. I am a…