Pregnant women suffered a miscarriage on the cotton fields

This piece of information was sent to us by one of the cotton pickers who was forced to pick cotton during the first term of cotton harvest. This message describes an awful scene that has been witnessed by him in the cotton field:

“I have just returned from the cotton harvest. And I will never go there again. This year’s cotton harvest was very different from the previous years. The chairman of the Mustaqillik Makhalla (district) administration in the Zarbdor district of the Jizzakh region has been forcing a pregnant lady to pick cotton. She was seven months pregnant. He sabotaged  her by saying that she would not receive any state benefits for her newborn baby in case she refused to pick cotton. Additionally to that, the makhalla chairman brought a police officer with him to scare her even more. Apparently, she could do nothing about this, and eventually agreed to go to the cotton harvest.
On the first day of the harvest, the lady suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby. It happened right on the field, during the cotton picking process.
I cannot recover after witnessing all this over there. I would really like to see those people responsible for all this prosecuted and convicted.”