Organizations received orders from the hokim to hand over cotton

Radio Ozodlik published a letter signed by the Akhangaran district Hokim to the heads of the district organizations. It follows from the letter that they must hand in a certain amount of cotton until November 8, 2017.

Photo of the letter. Source: Ozodlik

Photo of the letter. Source: Ozodlik

Translation of the letter

Hokim of Akhangaran district of Tashkent region

Masked (name of the organization) which received a letter

For harvesting cotton 2017 Akhangaran district is attached to the Buka district. According to the state order, the Akhangaran region received a plan of 2,041 tons of cotton before the end of the cotton season Your part of this plan consists of _ (redacted) _kg. You are required from October 29 to November 8, 2017, using all the internal resources, the organization you lead, to implicitly carry out the appointed plan.

Premature fulfillment of the plan for a shorter period is the result of the end for you of the cotton harvest 2017. If the above requirement is not met, I will be forced to take serious measures against you.

Hokim district