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No gas supply to Gallaorol

Nabijon Jurboev, one of the residents of the Gallaorol district in the Jizzakh region and a prominent follower of Radio Ozodlik, was interviewed by an Ozodlik reporter after the visit of Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Jizzakh region. According to Nabijon Juroboev, the visit of the acting president has not brought much change to the region yet. However, Nabijon spoke about cotton harvest related issues in this particular district as well as in the whole region.

As Nabijon said, the Gallaorol district has no cotton fields, but there are the same cotton related issues in Gallaorol as in any other cotton-growing district. According to Nabijon, regardless of the fact that cotton is not cultivated in the district, employees of public institutions in Gallaorol, such as doctors, entrepreneurs and others are involved in the preparation and mobilization to the cotton fields. Employees and other people from Gallaorol have been already mobilized for the cotton harvesting. As laid out in the interview, people who refuse to participate or are unable to be mobilized for picking cotton must send hired workers or other persons on their behalf.

Nabijon had a chance to talk to the owner of a local bakery. The owner of that bakery could not go to pick cotton. So, he paid a million Uzbekistani Som to pay two hired workers for a 24-day term. The same applied to other institutions in the district, Nabijon said.

It has been 34 days now since the first people from Gallaorol have departed to the cotton fields. And as Nabijon said in the interview, there has not been any gas supply to the city of Gallaorol since then. According to Nabijon, it might be related to the fact that some residents still denied participating in the harvest or paying money to be exempted. In last four days, Nabijon had access to gas for only 12 hours, between 7pm and 7am. It caused tremendous problems. In particular, 100 kg of vegetables got spoiled at Nabijon’s place. These vegetables were prepared to be conserved in cans.

The last thing Nabijon said was that local colleges in the district were making students sign up for a voluntary participation in the cotton harvest.