“Must pick cotton in any case”

The head of the State Institute of Foreign Languages in Samarkand ordered to send to all students, regardless of their state of health, to pick cotton.

According to a university student, this year, the order to harvest cotton also applies to pregnant women and sick people, as well as women with small children.

Students were told that sick students could find a replacement or could pay off to be released from the harvest, with a sum of around $ 200.

“Last year, young married women were not sent to the cotton. This year, they are also supposed to be involved. The husband of one of the students told his wife, “if you go to pick cotton, then pack your belongings and never return back home.” “The fact that the wives and young brides need to go somewhere far away from their families has a negative impact on their personal lives”, said a student of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages.

Source: http://www.ozodlik.org/a/27984318.html.