Medical Workers Mobilised for Harvest Complain for Poor Conditions in Cotton Fields

400 employees of the Kashkadarya branch of the Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Services (RNTSMP) are picking cotton in the fields of the village of Gulistan in the Mubarek district. The fact emerged from a letter which was sent to radio Ozodlik on behalf of several employees. The director of the Kashkadarya branch of the RNTSMP, Barat Kadyrov, confirmed in a conversation with an Ozodlik reporter that his employees are currently working in the cotton fields.

In the letter, medical workers complained that almost one dollar per day was deducted for “food expenses”from the salary they get for collecting cotton, even though “the food we receive is not worth all that money.” In addition, they complained about bad living conditions in the fields.

“Every day, 3-4 snakes come into the room where we sleep. There are a lot of mice too. Some people who saw the snakes fainted”, the letter said.

In a conversation with the reporter from Ozodlik, the director of the Kashkadarya branch of RNTSMP, Barat Kadyrov, did not deny the complaints of the employees.

“There may indeed be mice, and even snakes. Is there any field without snakes? Of course, there might be such creatures. This cannot be denied. But the few times I went to visit them, they all had good conditions and there was no problem with the accommodation at all”, said Barat Kadyrov to Radio Ozodlik.