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Mayor of Andijan Uses Verbal Abuse to Humiliate and Intimidate Directors for not Providing Workers to Pick Cotton

The mayor of Andijan, Dilmurod Rahmatullayev, has been recorded on tape cursing teachers referring to them as “jackals”, “brutes”, “donkeys”, and “animals”.

Radio Ozodlik (the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty) managed to get hold of an audiotape of the mayor of Andijan cursing and humiliating the directors of colleges and high schools at a meeting held one month ago.

In the recording, the Dilmurod Rahmatullayev curses male and female directors of colleges and high schools who had sent fewer people by train to the Tashkent Region to pick cotton using a variety of humiliating words such as “jackal”, “donkey”, “animal” and “God damn your father”.

He intimidates the directors by instructing his deputy to send inspectors from the hygiene, tax and electricity departments to check on their activities.

This audio-file has been sent to the editorial office of Radio Ozodlik by the head of one of the local organizations who took part in the meeting held by Andijan’s mayor.

In a conversation with Radio Ozodlik, this leader says that the meeting took place on 16 October 2017 at the headquarters for cotton pickers:

“I was present at that meeting and I was cursed by the mayor for being unable to send people by train to pick cotton. Up until now I have kept this recording, because I did not know what to do with it. Recently I heard our president speak about the behaviour of our leaders. After that I decided to send it to you. I thought it would let people see the true face of the person, the mayor, who is a cultural representative and who was once a teacher”, says the director who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the director, there were more than 200 people at the meeting. The directors of 50 schools and 12 colleges, the heads of 70 kindergartens, imams of mosques, heads of medical establishments and the chief of police were also present at the meeting.

The duration of the audio-file is 27 minutes.

The meeting begins with the mayor praising the heads of kindergartens who sent many people to pick cotton but cursing the directors of colleges:

“We should call a jackal a jackal. I don’t care whether you feel upset, to hell with you all. Hey you, the brute, do you think that I don’t call the shots in your department?”, says the mayor.

He instructs his deputy to send people to check up on their private lives and activities of the directors of colleges who have sent fewer people to pick cotton:

“Olim aka (term of respect), I am asking you, send a group of inspectors to this jackal, and send another group to that college too. The hygiene department! You will make their asses talk. The finance department! You will make their asses talk! I don’t want to do anything bad to them, I just want to open their eyes. The electricity department! Inspect them thoroughly! Hey you, Maruf (editorial note – Maruf Buvabekov is the director of the Andijan medical college) I will make your ass talk. The colleges and high schools are not working as efficiently as the heads of kindergartens, because you are filthy people!”, says the mayor.

Dilmurod Rahmatullayev says that before becoming  mayor, he was the head of an education department and stresses that the time had come to demonstrate the power of the administration:

“I will show the power of the administration to you. I have been keeping my mouth shut, to be honest. When I was the head of a department, I used to take care of my staff like a hen that takes care of her chickens. I asked the authorities, please let them stay with their own departments and let them do what their department tells them, but the result was different. Where is Maruf? Look, who are you working with? You piece of filth. I had respect for you till now. I know you all”, says Dilmurod Rahmatullayev.

“You piece of filth, brute, tramp…”

After that the mayor calls the heads of colleges one by one and verbally abuses them:

“Who is from the public services (college)? You piece of filth; he is a brute. Tell your boss that you are filthy people.”

“The economics college, you, filth, God damn your father, all of you.

The pedagogical college, you filthy beggars. You are a beggar. You can stick your five people (that you have sent to pick cotton) up your ass. You filth, how many people do you have? How many jackals like yourself do you have, you piece of filth?”, says the mayor.

Following this, it is the turn of the director of the machine engineering college to listen to the mayor’s insults:

“Who is the jackal of the machine engineering college? You are filth as well. You are not a human being, you are a brute! Animal! You are not a loyal resident of Andijan! Do you think you deserve thanks from the governor of the region, you filth, look into my eyes. You filth, where are you from? Which college are you from, you filth, you animal. You ass! Do you think you deserve applause for the success of the town? Who do you think you are, you animal. Hey you, filth, did I talk to you normally yesterday? Why have you ignored my instructions, you animal. Look into my eyes, you filth. Did I tell you that you should provide 50 people? Should I make your ass talk, you filth? Do you wear trousers or a skirt (means are you a man or a woman), hey you, filth. Hey you, not everyone can be a man, you filth, and not everyone is able to make promises. Brave men, leaders make promises, you animal! You are an animal!”, says the mayor.

“The authority is in my hands and I will do what I wish!”

The mayor continued by cursing the father of the director of the computer science college:

“Hey you, filth, God damn your father, jackal! Did I not talk to you yesterday? Why have you not done it? Which filth has told you not to do it? You filth, will you still be living in the town even after you quit your job? You will see, now I will send people from the tax and electricity departments to inspect your house. Where is Humoyun? I will send people from the relevant organizations to your college too. Can you see what will happen to you for sending only five people to pick cotton?

“You can stick your people to that part of your body!”

According to a participant of the meeting who spoke to Radio Ozodlik, the mayor humiliated Gulbahor Bakirova, the director of the socio-economic and pedagogical colleges in the Bogishamol quarter.

“Hey you, the little holy person of Bogishamol, the princess of Turkestan. You do not deserve respect. How many people do you have who could breathe?”, says the mayor.

The director of the college says something incomprehensible and the mayor becomes furious:

“Hey, you can stick your people to one part of your body. I am asking you about how many people you have, all in all. Okay, it is 80. Do you know a hajji imam from Bogishamol? Thousands of thanks go to him, may he live long. However, these people are jackals. They are the enemies of Andijan. The imam has five people and they all went to pick cotton. You filth, you are a woman. I don’t have any authority to exert over the imam. I cannot do anything to him even if he refuses to do it. The imams are public insitutions. You filthy people are from the state-funded organizations, you animal! Why do imams do it and you filth do not, you twit! You twit with necklaces! Who are you, hey filth? Hey? Do you live in the town? I am talking to you, do you live in the town? What right do you have to consume electricity from the town?”, says the mayor.

Governors are avoiding making any comments.

Radio Ozodlik tried to get in touch with the mayor of Andijan, Dilmurod Rahmatullayev. The person on duty in the mayor’s office said that he was out and that it would be impossible to get in touch with him.

Radio Ozodlik managed to get in touch with the governor of Andijan Region, Shuhratbek Abdurahmonov. The governor picked up the phone each time we called, but as soon as the correspondent introduced himself, he hung up.

The last time the Radio Ozodlik correspondent managed to get him on the phone, he asked the governor why he always hung up on him and if he would do it again. The governor replied, “Yes, I will”, and hung up the phone.

Dilmurod Rahmatullayev is 43 years old. He graduated from Andijan State University and Andijan Agricultural University. He was appointed the head of Andijan Region’s education department in 2015. In 2017 he was appointed as mayor of Andijan.

When he was interviewed by a correspondent of the Kun.uz website in July this year, he promised that he would not involve teachers in tree-planting, cleaning and other public activities.

The governor of Andijan Region, Shuhratbek Abdurahmonov, also made the same promise at a meeting of the international press-club and later described involving teachers and medical staff in field work as “a crime”.

However, Radio Ozodlik has released a number of reports on forceful involvement of teachers and medical staff in this year’s cotton-picking campaign by the governors of Andijan Region and districts.