Kindergarten teacher fired for non-participation in the cotton harvest

In the Kattakurgan District of the Samarkand region, a kindergarten teacher was fired for refusing to pick cotton.

On September 18, in a conversation with a correspondent of Radio Ozodlik, the kindergarten teacher told the following:

“It was decided by lot that I had to go (to harvest cotton) in the first shift. My husband also had to go in this shift. Our kids are not too small anymore, but we still cannot leave them alone yet. Fortunately, at least they do not send first-year college and high school students.

I explained the situation (to the head of the kindergarten) and asked her permission to leave in the second shift. But she said that this was not her choice to make and faced me with the choice to either go to the harvest or to pay 700,000 Som ($110).

September has just started, we brought our two kids to school… right now, there simply is no extra money. Hearing my refusal again, the head of kindergarten told me to leave voluntarily… “

UGF tried to contact the teacher for granting her legal assistant, but she refused to complain any further, fearing that the conflict could “negatively affect the work of her husband.”

September 19, 2016