“I cannot leave my disabled husband at home to pick cotton”

“I work as a nurse. My husband is a disabled man of the second level. I myself have bronchial asthma. Nevertheless, my employer forces me to go and pick cotton in the second term of the cotton harvest.

I work full-time at a hospital. I do not make enough money there, my salary is low. And I have another 4 years to work before I can retire. My employer forces me to participate in the cotton harvest or to send a hired worker to do the work instead of me.

Half of my salary is transferred to my money card. I do not have any cash money. And I cannot leave my disabled husband unattended. The only thing that could save me from being mobilized would be a letter of confirmation from the hospital. But the problem is that I am supposed to pass several medical checkups and treatments before I could be given such a letter”.

Source: Radio Ozodlik