Doctor from the Central Hospital in Dustabad on the cotton field © UGF 2016

Head Doctor of Chinaz’s (Tashkent region) Polyclinic Fired for Failing to Mobilize Sufficient Number of Employees for Cotton Harvest

According to witnesses, the Khokim (local governor) of Chinaz district, Makhmud Eshonov, forced the head doctor of the polyclinic Bakhtiyor Dovurboev to resign during a meeting regarding the cotton harvest. Bakhtiyor Dovurboev was insulted by the Khokim and forced to sign a resignation letter due to “failing to fulfill the requirements of the cotton program”.

One of the employees, a colleague of Bakhtiyor Dovurboev, confirmed this information:

“His excellency Makhmud Eshonov cursed and insulted the head doctor of the polyclinic Bakhtiyor Dovurboev during the cotton management meeting that took place on 29th of September in the building of Chinaz in the Khokimiyat district (district administration). Eventually he forced Bakhtiyor to sign a resignation letter for failing to fulfill the requirements of the cotton program. Poor guy, he was a good doctor”.

It was also confirmed that the Khokim fired Bakhtiyor Dovurboev due to mobilizing an insufficient number of his employees for cotton picking.

“He suddenly came to the hospital today to pack his things. We asked him why he was packing his stuff. We were wondering what actually happened. Obviously, the Khokim fired him due to cotton issues. He told us that he was leaving. I asked him to stay as there are only two months of cotton harvest to go. But he told me that he would not stand for it since the Khokim had insulted him in front of so many people. But to tell you the truth, we pick a hundred kilos each. We are all shocked about this situation. He is a very experienced doctor and he has been fired because of cotton issues. It is unfair!”

According to the head of the healthcare department of Chinaz district Bustonoy Babanova, Bakhtiyor Dovurboev resigned according to his own will. As she says, there were also some other reasons for the decision.

“People cannot be fired just because of cotton stuff. It is impossible to fire someone who does his/her job well. He was asked where all his employees were during that meeting. They were neither at their workplace nor in the cotton fields. So where were they? He could not answer the question. So, he was criticized. Nobody can force you to pick cotton. If we do pick cotton, so what? It is our wealth. And nobody is fired just because of cotton”.