Poster at the entrance doors to the Andijan administration stating that it was strictly forbidden to enter the building with bags or mobile devices or to make audio recordings or take photographs.

Mayor of Andijan Intimidates and Humiliates to Meet Cotton Quota

Transcript of the audio recordings of a meeting on the collection…
© Shuhrataxmedov / Wikipedia Commons
Transcript of cotton meeting held by Nematulla Abdullaev, hokim of the Parkent district of Tashkent region, November 1, 2017

Uzbek Official Unleashes Torrent of Abuse at Cotton Meeting

Intimidation, threats, and humiliation used to meet cotton quotas (Berlin,…
Cotton picker © UGF 2017
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Doctors and Teachers from Andijan Picking Cotton in Tashkent Region

Reports coming to our editorial office say that “although the…
Here nobody picks cotton on a voluntary basis © UGF 2017
Accomodaiton of cotton pickers in the Buka raion © UGF 2017
Children on the cotton fields. © UGF 2017
Children on the cotton fields. © UGF 2017

Children in the Andijan Region Pick Cotton

On November 3, 2017, human rights activist Elena Urlayeva visited…
Citizens of Andijan. Source: Ozodlik