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ILO: Forced labor in Uzbekistan is not happening because we do not want to believe it

The International Labor Organization (ILO) recently published…
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Uzbekistan: "Fearless" Human Rights Activists Continue to Monitor Cotton Harvest

  On October 22, 2016, the journalist and human rights…
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"We Were Subjected to a Full Investigation"

Police arrested the independent journalist Malohat Eshonkulova…
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Elena Urlaeva Speaks About Detention and Assaults In Police Station

Police detained human rights activist Elena Urlaeva, photographer…
Cotton picker in Karakalpakstan © UGF 2016
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“Statement of the Ministry of Labour of Uzbekistan is simply eyewash”

The Uzbek Ministry of Labour made an official statement about…
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“Mirziyoev is coming! Students are moved from picking cotton to cleaning streets”

According to Radio Ozodlik, college students picking cotton in…
Cotton pickers in the Namangan region © UGF 2016
Uzbekistan's acting president Mirziyoev (Artist: Adolat, www.eltuz.com)
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New President, Old Habits

Uzbekistan's acting President Shavkat Mirziyoev has ordered the…
Cotton picker with a leaflet informing her about her rights 2016 © UGF
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Teachers and doctors in Buka are harvesting cotton

Elena Urlaeva went to the Buka district in the Tashkent region…