BriefPaxta: “We Cannot Get Dental Care while Dentists are Picking Cotton”

A follower of Ozodlik from the Navoi region claims that there is no dentist in the village’s medical clinic:

“I live in the Karmana district of the Navoi region. I am writing to inform you that there are no dentists in the local medical clinic called “Ibn-Sino”. They have all been sent to pick cotton. All visitors are told to come later as all the doctors have been mobilized for the cotton harvest. I went there twice yesterday in the morning and in the afternoon but there was still no dentist to help me.

I was forced to take a painkiller injection. Having gone there several times, I realized that the dentists are not coming back anytime soon. That is why I was forced to take another injection. I tried to go there today. No change – they are still picking cotton. So we have no choice. We have to wait”.