“Preparations for the cotton harvest have kicked in”

In the beginning of September, during a meeting that took place in the Syrdarya Khokimiyat (regional administration body), the Khokim of the Syrdarya region announced that all district khokimiyats (district administration body) and other organizations must get everything in order for the harvest, since mass mobilization will take place continuously.

The reason for this lies in the experience of last year’s harvest mobilization. Teachers and doctors were forced to travel to the cotton fields on a daily basis because it was not possible to accommodate the workers at the workplace. This caused numerous problems: the busses needed to transfer workers to the cotton fields and back demanded high expenses on fuel; the harvesting could only start late in the morning; and the work generally was less efficient.

Thus, school principals were warned to get everything ready and be prepared for the mobilization of teachers. This year’s cotton harvest is expected to start on September 12, right after the Eid al-Adha holiday. This is especially relevant to the employees of governmental organizations and students. The cotton harvest in the districts has been going on already since September 6-7.

Source: UGF monitor report