BriefPaxta: “Pick Cotton Before Having Your Dog Put Down”

One of Ozodlik’s followers from Andijan claims that veterinarians force people to pick cotton before they will provide any service to their pets:

“I am from Andijan. The reason why I am writing to you is that there are so many strange things happening in my everyday life due to the cotton harvest that is taking place at the moment.

I had a dog. Unfortunately, it got ill. We did our best to treat it well and to help it to recover. We gave it many different medicines and put gel on our dog’s skin. It started to recover. We were happy to see that the illness was going away but it eventually came back. The illness was terminal and the dog’s health deteriorated. After some time, my parents decided to put our dog to sleep as it was really suffering a lot.

However, when we brought our dog to the vet, he told us that we had to pick cotton first before he would put our dog to sleep. He refused to provide any service to us unless we went to pick cotton”.