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“We have been picking cotton in Syrdarya for 50 days now. We have only been able to wash ourselves once in a pond.”

A member of staff from Andijan Region’s Agriculture and Water Resources Department, who was  brought to Syrdarya to pick cotton on 20 September, and who requested to remain anonymous, has complained to OzodMikrofon (Free Microphone) that he has been picking cotton for almost two months in difficult conditions and that the leadership has no plans […]

Forced to Work on Cotton Fields, Andijan People Pay their Own Way Home

  Thousands of workers forcibly sent to harvest cotton in the Tashkent and Syrdarya regions on the orders of the hokim of the Andijan region, Shukhratbek Abdurakhmanov, have now had to return home at their own expense. The mahalla chairmen have been asking local residents to collect money to bring the cotton pickers back to […]

Another Victim of “Cotton-2017” Campaign: Kindergarten Teacher Dies in Field of Asthma Attack.

A teacher at the pre-school educational establishment №3 in the town of Andijan, Ilvira Pidayevna, died of suffocation while picking cotton. According to her colleagues, Ilvira had been working in this kindergarten for almost 10 years. Reports say that she had an asthma attack in the field and died before anyone could provide her with […]

Hokim of Samarkand district, Shukhrat Djamolov, Demonstrates Particular Cruelty in the Mobilization of Medical Workers to Collect Cotton

Despite assurances by Uzbek officials that teachers and doctors would not have to participate in the collection of cotton this year, human rights activists continue to document evidence of coercion. On October 15, journalist Malokhat Eshonkulova observed and videotaped the departure of medical workers to the cotton fields in the Samarkand district (Samarkand region). According […]

In Samarkand, a Student Jumped out of a Bus on the Way to Forced Labor in the Cotton Harvest

A student of the socio-economic department of Samarkand State University, Dilkash Khurramov, jumped out of the bus taking him to forced labor picking cotton in the Pastdargam district of Samarkand region. According to the university students who reported this case to radio Ozodlik, Dilkash Khurramov was hospitalized for his injuries. The university’s leadership confirmed that […]

A Shop in a Market has been Shut for not Picking Cotton

A photo has triggered discussions on Facebook. It shows shop № 177 in the “Sardoba bozori (Sardoba market)” Limited Liability Association in the city of Namangan, which was sealed for not sending its staff to pick cotton. The shop was sealed on 23 October and it is not clear how many days it will remain […]