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A Teacher’s Sad Story

For how long must we be victims of lies? What are the duties of a school director? Is it managing the school or sending people to fields to pick cotton? Is the state policy being tested on teachers? Are there any training courses which would teach directors public speaking skills, politics and raise their awareness […]

Teachers Hiring Workers to Pick Cotton

The BBC has learnt that the order to recall teachers and medical staff from the cotton fields is not being implemented everywhere. “In order not to miss lessons twelve of us agreed to hire people to pick cotton in our place and pay them 5,000 soms a day. Today, we received an order that all […]

Teachers in Andijan Ordered to Hire Workers to Pick Cotton

  September 20, 2017 A report received by the editorial office of Kun.uz says that the head of Qorgontepa District administration in Andijan Region, Avazbek Ergashev, is demanding that teachers of secondary schools recruit workers to pick cotton. Reports say that the head of the district administration is demanding that every teacher should bring one […]

The hokim of Andizhan reneged on his promise and “state employees” were again sent to collect cotton

The hokim of the Andijan region, Shukhratbek Abdurakhmanov, who at the end of September 2017 warned local leaders about the criminal punishment they would face for coercively involving employees of public organizations in the collection of cotton, has again sent medical workers and teachers to work in the cotton fields. The regional administration rejected accusations […]

Uzbekistan: Cotton Slave Labor Out, Human Rights Ombudsman In?

Article retrieved from Eurasianet. Just as the annual cotton-picking season entered its most intense phase in mid-September, the government made a surprise announcement to recall students and state workers from the fields. Shortly before midnight on September 21, Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov held a Cabinet meeting in which he instructed officials to implement a government […]