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“People who do not fulfill the cotton quota are imprisoned in kennels at the local police office”

“The Khokim of the Chinaz district Makhmud Eshonov, the head of the Chinaz district police Temurov and the Prosecutor of the Chinaz district Damir Makhmudov use repressive means to force people to pick cotton. Even though cotton picking is considered a voluntary practice, unit leaders and the of organizations in the Chinaz district who do […]

“Mirziyoev is coming! Students are moved from picking cotton to cleaning streets”

According to Radio Ozodlik, college students picking cotton in one of the districts of Karakalpakstan were dismissed from cotton picking on the eve of interim president Shavkat Mirziyoev’s visit: “The college students picking cotton in the Khojayli district were brought back to their homes last evening. Mr. Mirziyoev is coming. However, all of the students […]

Students from Ferghana are forced to walk for 2 hours every day to reach a cotton field

Students of the Tashkent Medical Academy’s branch in Ferghana are forced to walk 2 hours every day to reach a cotton field. They are currently picking cotton in the fields of Tojik village in the Quva district (Ferghana region). Officials denied this information, saying that students were transported by cars. Students of the Medical Academy […]

Alimony payers are punished with cotton harvest mobilization

One of the readers messaged Ozodlik to tell about the ways of how people are being forced to pick cotton in Uzbekistan: “According to Ozodlik, alimony payers in Uzbekistan are being forced to pick cotton. Uzbek bailiffs are indeed forcing alimony payers to participate in the cotton harvest by saying that the ‘prosecutor’s office’ gave […]