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Farmers Verbally Abused by Head of Andijan District

Radio Ozodlik published an audio recording of a meeting on January 25, 2018, in the Andijan District Office. In the 16-minute audio recording, the head of the district, Ulugbek Isomiddinov can be heard using obscenities to insult local farmers for not transferring money for the coating used during the sowing of cotton seeds: “Oydinbulok! [name […]

Mayor of Andijan Uses Verbal Abuse to Humiliate and Intimidate Directors for not Providing Workers to Pick Cotton

The mayor of Andijan, Dilmurod Rahmatullayev, has been recorded on tape cursing teachers referring to them as “jackals”, “brutes”, “donkeys”, and “animals”. Radio Ozodlik (the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty) managed to get hold of an audiotape of the mayor of Andijan cursing and humiliating the directors of colleges and high […]

Uzbek Official Unleashes Torrent of Abuse at Cotton Meeting

Intimidation, threats, and humiliation used to meet cotton quotas (Berlin, November 21, 2017) — The head of the Parkent district administration of the Tashkent region, Nematulla Abdullaev, held a 45-minute meeting on November 1, 2017, during which he used abusive and insulting language to humiliate and intimidate the heads of organizations, enterprises, and community leaders […]

Doctors and Teachers from Andijan Picking Cotton in Tashkent Region

Reports coming to our editorial office say that “although the head of the government of Uzbekistan, Abdulla Aripov, banned the involvement of teachers, students and medical staff in the cotton harvest campaign on a regular basis, various methods are being used to involve them in the cotton picking process”. A correspondent of the Kun.uz website […]

Voices from the Fields. When will the cotton harvest end?

Employees of state organizations and students of colleges and schools are still being coerced into collecting cotton, despite very little cotton left to harvest. The following are testimonies from those who are affected. Khorezm Region, Students: Students sent to the fields instead of studying: (VIDEO) Students complain that the director of their college sent them […]

Children in the Andijan Region Pick Cotton

On November 3, 2017, human rights activist Elena Urlayeva visited cotton fields in the Balikchi district (Andijan region) and saw children at the age of 11-12 picking cotton. She found out that they were pupils of the 5th grade from school No. 1 in the Balikchi district. According to the children, the director of their […]

Victims of forced labor in Uzbekistan – 58-year-old convict and children’s doctor

This year’s cotton harvest has demanded its first victims: 58-year-old convict Najmiddin Sarimsoqov, who was sent to the Zafarobod District of the Jizzakh Region to pick cotton, died in the cotton field. Also, 52-year-old Fahriddin Saidov, who was a children’s doctor in the Samarkand District medical association, died of a heart attack, two days after […]

Human Rights Activists Detained in Samarkand

The two Uzbek human rights activists Malohat Eshonqulova and Elena Urlaeva were detained by the police on October 15 in Samarkand. Shortly before, they were in Samarkand monitoring the forced mobilization of medical staff to the cotton harvest. The rights activists had filmed the column of busses taking medical staff from Samarkand to the cotton […]

Three doctors of the highest rank have been fired for refusing to pick cotton

The head of the Samarkand district administration has dismissed three doctors of the highest rank for refusing to pick cotton and sending employees to the cotton fields. A member of staff of the district health directorate informed Malohat Eshonqulova about this. The human rights defenders Malohat Eshonqulova and Elena Urlayeva have witnessed how people from […]

“I am here to re-programme your brain” – Teachers Warned they Must Contribute to Cotton Harvest

Radio Ozodlik has published a video portraying the meeting that took place on October 10, 2017 at school No. 39 of the Markhamat district in the Andijan region. The eight-minute video, apparently shot using a hidden camera, shows a speech by an official of the district education department, who chastises the school’s teachers for not […]