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Uzbek students mobilized to pick cotton on a “voluntary” basis

Uzbekistan began to send university students to harvest cotton. Despite the government’s promise to abolish its forced labor practice, most university students were again mobilized to harvest cotton. Nearly 10 thousand students from the only four universities in the Andijan region were forcibly sent to the fields starting from September 8th. Nevertheless, university directors denied […]

Shop owners at Abu Sahiy market in Tashkent extorted to make contributions to the cotton harvest

The administration of Tashkent’s Abu Sahiy market, which embraces few hundred shops, has ordered each shop owner to support the cotton harvest, either through payments of at least 300 thousand Som, or hiring labourers. The market administration threatens to seize the shops of those who refuse to comply with the order. One of Ozodlik’s sources […]

School principals forced to deposit cash

In connection with the 25th anniversary of Uzbek Independence, school principals in the Uchkuprik district of the Fergana region are extorted to deposit 100 thousand Uzbekistani Som (33,5 USD) to the “Agrobank” to fund benefit payments for pensioners. The head of the district education department has ordered school principals to make payments of 100 thousand […]

Employees of Tashkent’s public institutions are forced to harvest cotton in the Jizzakh Region

On September 13, a group of medical workers from the Clinic No.13 located at the Mirzo-Ulugbek district in Tashkent was mobilized to harvest cotton for 10 days in the Jizzakh region. Previously, the Uzbek Human Rights Alliance reported several times that, starting from September 10, workers of schools and hospitals in Tashkent were sent off […]

Money first, cotton right after: Uzbek doctors to be taken to the fields in a week time

Looking at the current situation on the eve of the Uzbek cotton harvest, the mass mobilization of doctors and other “state employees” will take place after September 12th. Currently, employees of medical institutions are primarily engaged in collecting money in order to reach a “deal” with hired workers, who are willing to replace doctors and […]

Uzbek doctors to be sent to cotton harvest

The Asia-Terra website reported that Uzbek doctors were given notice that the cotton harvest begins on September 3. All doctors will be divided into groups and taken to the cotton fields for shifts of 13-14 days. Each of them will be given a compulsory daily plan that requires them to collect 70 kg of cotton […]

“Must pick cotton in any case”

The head of the State Institute of Foreign Languages in Samarkand ordered to send to all students, regardless of their state of health, to pick cotton. According to a university student, this year, the order to harvest cotton also applies to pregnant women and sick people, as well as women with small children. Students were […]

“Preparations for the cotton harvest have kicked in”

In the beginning of September, during a meeting that took place in the Syrdarya Khokimiyat (regional administration body), the Khokim of the Syrdarya region announced that all district khokimiyats (district administration body) and other organizations must get everything in order for the harvest, since mass mobilization will take place continuously. The reason for this lies […]