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Medical and educational workers in the Buka district forcibly sent out to harvest cotton

Attention! Help doctors and teachers to break free from slavery and tyranny of Khokim Davron Sultanov. Buka, Uzbekistan. On September 16, 2016, the human rights activist Elena Urlayeva traveled to the Buka district of the Tashkent region after physicians and teachers had called for help to be saved from forced labor during the cotton harvest. […]

“Departure was supervised by Khokimiyat’s officials, the Syrdarya prosecution office and police”

There are almost 4 000 students and more than 350 teachers working and studying at the Gulistan State University. Based on an order of the university principal on 8-9 September 2016, all students and teachers from 1st to 4th grade gathered up next to the university campus to depart for cotton harvest, being transported by […]

“I am going to get imprisoned tomorrow for failing to pay a fee for the military reserve mobilization in advance. Where is the justice”

The following lines are taken from the Facebook page of one of the employees of a Uzbek state-owned company (translated from Uzbek): “Attention, please. I am going to get imprisoned tomorrow for failing to pay a fee for the military reserve mobilization in advance. Where is the justice? This is for real! Coming back from […]

Message from a student of the Jizzakh Pedagogical University

“I have not gone to pick cotton last year, neither did I pay anything. However, this time, representatives from the university administration and the university cotton headquarters annoy me by calling almost every day. Eventually, I just took my marriage certificate from the registry office and went to show it to the university administration. The […]

Teachers and doctors are sent to “aerate” cotton fields

According to an order by the Khokim (governor) of the Jizzakh region, public employees of the region have been deployed for the “aeration” of the cotton fields. Every employee has been assigned to walk through one hectare of cultivated cotton. The organizers explained that the “aeration” would strengthen the cotton stems and contribute to a […]

Doctors in neurosurgery center in Tashkent paid hundred million Som to avoid collecting cotton

This year the Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery, stationed in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district of Tashkent, will not be engaged in the cotton harvest. The staff of the medical establishment took the only right decision possible, that is to compensate for their non-participation. They collected 200,000 Som ($ 31) per person through a “strategic” campaign. “We […]

“Parents are raising money to provide their children with better education”

This piece of information is coming from the elementary school of Avstrovskiy in Jizzakh city. There are more than 40 first-year pupils in every class of the school. All parents of those first-grade pupils raised 15 thousand Som each to pass it to the teachers of the first-graders. The teachers will pass the collected money […]