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“We Were Subjected to a Full Investigation”

Police arrested the independent journalist Malohat Eshonkulova and the human rights activist Elena Urlaeva while they were visiting the Olot district on a fact-finding mission on the use of forced labour on October 9, 2016. According to Malohat Eshonkulova, police officers insulted them, strip-searched them, and were only allowed to go home after a long […]

Elena Urlaeva Speaks About Detention and Assaults In Police Station

Police detained human rights activist Elena Urlaeva, photographer Timur Karpov and two French men in Buka district of Tashkent region on October 6, 2016. They were brought to the local district police station. They were detained there for several hours. According to Elena Urlaeva, she was beaten and assaulted.    Elena describes the situation: “Timur […]

BriefPaxta: Good Grades for Cotton Pickers

One of Ozodlik’s followers from Bukhara has complained about being forced to pick cotton despite cold weather:   “Students of the Medical College in Bukhara are being forced to pick cotton every day regardless of their age and weather conditions. We have been sent out to pick cotton every day for the last 10 days. […]

Participant of Cotton Planning Meeting Killed

According to a source of Eltuz.com from the district department of public education, the head of the pre-school educational institution No.1 in Uchkuprik district was hit by a car when she was on her way to a cotton planning meeting. The accident took place while the victim was crossing a road in front of the […]